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Custom Metal Building Structures

                                                                            Automotive                 [ Free Building Quote ]

Automotive dealerships rely heavily on the appearances of their buildings to project a favorable image to their customers.

Our popular single slop design reflects a contemporary image and is flexible enough to accommodate dramatic architectural treatments. Metallic designs provide versatility to meet the specific requirements of your business.
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                                                                   Storage Warehouses         [ Free Building Quote ]

Metallic Steel Buildings also offers secure, attractive, mini-warehouse units in a multitude of sizes and designs. These mini-warehouse systems have the inherent advantages of speedier construction time, lifelong low level maintenance savings, and the ease of expansion. Grow your business with ease year after year.

                                                            Office Warehouse Workshop   [ Free Building Quote ]

These multipurpose office warehouse buildings are expandable to fit your needs. Various door systems are available to customize your building to your business.

                                                                            Grandstands                [ Free Building Quote ]

Any size, shape and style Grandstand designs are available from Metallic Steel Buildings. We will design to your seating capacities

                                                                     Wide Span Buildings        [ Free Building Quote ]

Metallic Designs and engineers everything from barns to grand stands. Riding arenas are available with up to 240 foot clear span in unlimited lengths. Custom options such as cupolas, vents, overhangs, windows and doors will be added to the appearance and enjoyment of your building.

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